This is a game I made for the final project for my C# class at my university, and I felt this was a perfect submission for #ProcJam! It features 6 difficulties, with the last difficulty "Mega Dungeon" being a true endurance run of an extremely huge procedural maze. (This game does not feature ads of any kind, and is completely free to play).

Find the exit to an endless number of increasingly difficult levels to achieve a high-score,  choosing an upgrade between each level to better your odds of survival. Can you survive?

Move with the WASD keys, or the left joystick on an Xbox 360 controller.
Aim with the mouse, or the right joystick on an Xbox 360 controller.
Shoot with the left mouse button, or the right trigger on an Xbox 360 controller.
Reload your weapon with the R key, or the X button on an Xbox 360 controller.
Change weapons with the Shift/Ctrl keys, or the bumpers on an Xbox 360 controller.
Pause with the Escape/P keys, or the Start button on an Xbox 360 controller.

Update 1.0.2:
-Expanded upon the Upgrade system between levels. Now there are more upgrade types, but three of them are chosen at random and then you can forgo an upgrade to get full ammo or full hp instead. (More upgrades types planned for the future)
-Added a Mute button, and a Full-screen button
-Changed room generation to be more fair (and hopefully) fun. Dead ends tend to have little to no enemies, but power-ups instead. More open areas tend to have more enemies and little to no power-ups
-Added explosions to the turret's when they die, which can potentially kill you or even better: nearby zombies. I have other plan's for these explosions in the future...
-Added blood splatters (sparks for turrets) to entities when they are hit, and death splatters when they die. (Toggle in the options to disable these)
-Added a Screen Shake effect when the player takes damage, or is near an explosion. (Toggle in the options to disable this)
-Added a slight pitch variation to the weapon firing sounds to make it sound like each bullet is not exactly the same
-Refined the low HP screen overlays to make it seem more like a beating heart, and the on hit overlay to make it look a little better in general
-Adjusted weapon max ammo capacities to be more balanced
-Fixed the bug where the player would shoot at the upgrade menu when buying an upgrade
-Fixed the high-score not being saved properly while playing
-Fixed the SFX Volume slider only adjusting the sound of enemy turrets, and not your own weapon sounds
-Fixed the low HP overlay from now going away in the main menu, or when the player gets more health
-Fixed the player turning to face the mouse when reloading or opening the menu on an Xbox 360 controller
-Fixed several more smaller bugs as well

Update 1.0.1:
-Added Upgrades that you can choose from between each level (will be expanded upon later as well)
-Added on screen hit effect to tell the player when they are hit/at low HP
-Added new Zombie sprites with variations
-Fixed Pistol shooting one shot after starting reload with R

The beginning of a "Mega Dungeon"...

A little further into the level.

Floor 1 of a "Mega Dungeon" level.

Floor 3 of an Average level.

This game was made by Tyelor Klein, and was made for a final project for a C# class and was submitted to #ProcJam 2018.

Most art was made by Tyelor K. excluding the following:
HUD by Buch -
HUD Gun Icons by congusbongus -

Explosion Sprite by J-Robot -
Main Menu background from
Weapon Sounds from

Thank you for checking out my game! If you have any comments, feedback, ideas/suggestions please let me know in the comments below!