A downloadable game


The game is still very early in development, and as such many features will be missing, and you may encounter game breaking bugs. Please report any issues you have to me so that I can work to improve your experience!

The Void RPG is top-down shooter style rogue-like space game. Using concepts from many different games, real physics, and procedural generation to create a vast game with tons of replayability. The game will feature fast and intense precision-based combat, challenging boss battles, interesting and complex puzzles, a vast open world and a memorable story-line. Customize your ship and equip it with the best possible gear in order to truly master the vastness of the void that is space. Fight your way to the center of the galaxy, or die trying...


  • Use WASD to move, and fire in the direction of the mouse. Or you can use a 360 controller with the joysticks to move and aim, and the right trigger to shoot.
  • Hold R or Space in order to activate your thruster's boost drive, which also slowly disables your ships Artificial Drag (which allows you to maneuver easier in the vacuum of space).
  • To zoom in or out use the scroll wheel (controller support for this coming soon).
  • Equip/Unequip items by clicking and dragging the item to it's respective slot (controller support for this coming soon).
  • Increase your stats as you level-up (controller support for this coming soon).
  • Press escape to pause the game (controller support for this coming soon).